Making Your Value Visible

For any business, it’s a question as old as the hills, and an ongoing year-round challenge.

How do you make sure you ‘rise above the fray’…that your proposition is clear and distinctive… and that it deeply resonates with those you most want to reach?

Whether you are selling a particular experience, product or service, the value of your offering needs to be clear and appealing.

TCE works with organisations to build creative solutions that are transformative and that deliver tangible, measurable benefits. (For example, for many of our clients, this has meant a significant increase in footfall).

Our three-stage process – Think, Create, Engage – is hard-wired to uncovering or rediscovering the distinct magic of your particular brand… and to elevating it to its rightful place, leading to new clarity, visibility and engagement.

If you’re ready to re-energise your brand and re-inspire your audiences, we’d love to hear from you.


“There has been a marked increase in both footfall and ticket sales that we can attribute directly to this campaign.”

Steve Donald, Director of Visitor Engagement, St Paul’s Cathedral


T is for Think

This is the start of everything, where we take a step back and enable people to see things afresh.

It’s where we explore problems, see opportunities and turn hunches into tangible ideas.

We ask all kinds of questions:

  • How are we going to turn an aspiration into an accomplished solution?
  • What do we need to equip us?
  • How far can we push the boundaries?
  • What are we up against?

In our Discovery workshops we lay the creative foundations for what follows.

As we see it, breakthrough insights lead to breakthrough outcomes.

C is for Create

There are few things more satisfying than going through the alchemy of the creative process. Of making the unseen both visible and tangible.

We always work from a brief rather than to a brief. Treating it as a launchpad – rather than a constraint.

Having identified the primary challenge, this is where we birth, develop and refine the solution. And then build it.

The solutions come in many shapes and sizes.

Anything from brand identity and advertising campaigns…  design for print… to or exhibitions and interpretation work… to web development and digital solutions.

We firmly believe the most effective design emerges when there’s a spirit of true collaboration.

E is for Engage

Effective design is transformative; through the power of engagement, we generate positive outcomes.

Here are just three examples of the solutions and results we’ve created:

While many of our clients tend to ‘sell’ places and experiences, so that our priority is often to increase footfall and to enhance a visitor’s experience, we are used to applying our design skills to a wide mix of client types. From business-to-business to retail, from educational to charities and the creative arts.