Tide end town

We love our riverside home at the Boathouse Design Studio by Teddington Lock. It’s an inspiring and historical location where the Thames goes tidal.

It’s also a great setting to kickstart any creative project.

Around our core team, we have have a network of in-house creative talent. This includes brand strategists, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, programmers and video producers.

This means we are always able to tailor our creative team to suit your project needs.


“TCE has created some of the best play posters I’ve ever used to advertise my work in over fifty years of directing on the stage.”

Robert Gillespie, artistic director, Jane Nightwork Productions

One cheeky letter…

Our own story began in the mid 1990s, with a cheeky letter to the Hampton Court Palace marketing department, suggesting they have a new leaflet designed for them by an aspiring local agency.

Their answer was ‘no’. However, being Historic Royal Palaces, they actually did require a new leaflet for the new Jewel House at the Tower of London. This fortunate break got us started.

And now? Some twenty years later, The Cutting Edge (TCE) works with some of the country’s best-known tourist attractions, museums and galleries, cathedrals, events venues and travel agencies. Happily, this still includes Historic Royal Palaces.

Two stand-out strengths…

We have two notable strengths.

The first is our success at delivering design, advertising and interpretation solutions for landmark tourist attractions. Those wanting to increase footfall by reaching out to new visitors.

The second is our commitment to powerful visual storytelling. To making the invisible visible, by ‘removing the veil’ from some stories and services that deserve a wider audience.

We offer a combination of strategic understanding, creative vision and commercial knowledge. We believe that’s what enables us to these deliver creative work of exceptional quality which in turn engages hearts and minds.

Three useful tips…

Hard-won lessons and insider knowledge have shaped who we are and helped us to evolve. Here are three of our most valuable tips which we hope will serve you when you next undertake a creative assignment.

Don’t scrimp on the brief
As well as a tool that aligns thinking and steers you through the creative process, think of the brief as a springboard rather than a straightjacket.

See it as a collaboration
If experience has taught us anything, it’s that the best creative outcomes are a result of client and designer working together towards a shared goal. Inside wisdom + outside perspective.

Make time to reflect and provide feedback
After you’ve basked in the success of your project, remember to make the time to harvest your insights and learnings. That way, you can profit from them again in the future.