Our response #AMTHGF

Who is it we can we most help at this time?

Over the last few days, our own focus has been on those who rely on ‘footfall’.

We’re thinking particularly of arts venues, tourist attractions, and heritage sites.

So this is our creative response

It’s a way to show and share the places we miss… and will most want to visit when that’s again possible. For us? We’ve missed the glorious gardens at Hampton Court Palace, particularly over Easter and during the recent fine weather.

The idea with it is this

To offer attractions and venues a version of this meme with their own image which can be shared on their social media platforms with the hashtag #AMTHGF.

It’s a way for them to stay front of mind with visitors until they reopen.

What venues do you think would welcome this? What place do you most miss? We’d love to hear you thoughts, so please get in touch.

PS. Thank you to Jonathan Hughes who helped come up with the campaign concept.