Our response #AMTHGF

During these difficult times, our focus has been on those who rely on ‘footfall’ in particular arts venues, tourist attractions, and heritage sites.

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Can design boost footfall?

As a branch of visual communication, graphic design has for many decades played its part in attracting visitors to places and attractions.

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Destination branding

It’s always interesting to visit WTM… especially when you haven't been for a few years. So earlier this month, after a three-year break, l headed to ExCel.

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Getting a reaction

It goes without saying that everyone is looking for a favourable reaction to their creative project. See how a simple anagram serves as a useful reminder.

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Cleverly hidden ideas

It’s enjoyable discovering hidden messages that are often found in company logos; the little gems which are sometimes slow to reveal themselves.

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The deep art of the useful

If you were to ask 10 designers the question, what is design? you would probably receive at least a dozen different answers.

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