Ticket to ride

Since the Elizabeth line opened, Beatles fans not familiar with London are reportedly getting lost looking for the famous zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album in the Abbey Wood area.

Apparently, it’s because they are confusing Abbey Wood with Abbey Road (nearest tube St John’s Wood).

And the recent release of the Beatles’ “final song”, Now and Then, may fuel more trips from fans hoping to make the pilgrimage, but getting their bearings wrong.

So to help these lost souls, some clever folks at TFL have come up with a witty poster to help get them to the correct station.

Featuring a picture of fans posing on the Abbey Road crossing, the sign reads: “Feel like you’ve been here, there and everywhere and on a magical mystery tour? Then don’t pass me by”.

And “unfortunately, you are at the wrong Abbey Road. However we can work it out and help you get back to the correct location”.

A great illustration of how humour can cut through.

By Paul Warrington